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Routine Checkups services offered in Robbins, NC

If you want to stay healthy and reduce the risk of age-related medical issues, it’s crucial to participate in routine checkups. Physical exams and lab testing can alert you to underlying conditions and preserve your well-being. At North Moore Family Practice, family medicine specialists Vonda Reives, FNP-C, and Kristin Hockersmith, FNP, provide routine checkups to people of all ages. To make an appointment, call the office in Robbins, North Carolina, or book online today.

What are routine checkups?

Routine checkups, or physical exams, play a vital role in preventive medicine. By visiting North Moore Family Practice for regular assessments, you can reduce the risk of acute and chronic conditions and live a happier and healthier life.

It’s essential to schedule routine checkups, even if you feel healthy. Many issues, like hypertension and high cholesterol, don’t trigger visible symptoms, so you might be at risk but not know it.

What do routine checkups involve?

North Moore Family Practice conducts routine checkups on site. Each exam features several steps, including:

Step one: Review of your lifestyle

At the beginning of a routine checkup, your North Moore Family Practice provider asks about your lifestyle, including taking any prescription medication, using tobacco or drinking alcohol, and how often you exercise. Answer each question as honestly as possible.

Step two: Check your vital signs

Next, your provider listens to your heart and respiratory rate, weighs and measures you, and checks your blood pressure.

Step three: Discussion of your family health history

Your provider also asks about your family health history, including if your parents or siblings have any chronic medical conditions, like heart disease, kidney disease, or hypertension. Early intervention and treatment can prevent these or other issues from getting worse.

Step four: Physical exam, including your general appearance and extremities

Your North Moore Family Practice provider examines your skin first, looking for moles, skin tags, or other abnormal growths. Then, they check your ears, nose, and throat and palpate your organs to assess their location and size.

Next, your provider examines your extremities, including your arms, legs, hands, and feet. If you need vaccines, they can update your immunizations as well.

Step five: Lab testing

Lab testing analyzes samples of your urine, saliva, or blood to gain insights into your health. Depending on your age and health history, your provider might order a complete blood count (CBC), urinalysis, or a complete metabolic panel (CMP).

Step six: Prescription medication and refills

If North Moore Family Practice determines that you have a medical issue that can benefit from medication, they write you a prescription. If necessary, they can provide refills.

Who needs routine checkups?

Everyone should participate in routine checkups, regardless of their age or health history. Visits to North Moore Family Practice present an opportunity to assess your general health, ask questions about unusual symptoms, and build a relationship with your primary care provider.

To learn more about the benefits of routine checkups, make an appointment at North Moore Family Practice by calling the office or booking online today.