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Preventive Care services offered in Robbins, NC

If you want to reduce the risk of acute and chronic medical issues, it’s crucial to enroll in preventive care. Regular checkups can alert you to underlying conditions and help you live an active and rewarding life. At North Moore Family Practice, family medicine specialists Vonda Reives, FNP-C, and Kristin Hockersmith, FNP, provide an array of preventive care services, including physical exams, preventive screenings, and immunizations. To make an appointment, call the office in Robbins, North Carolina, or book online today.

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is a medical subspecialty focused on prevention. It uses a combination of routine checkups, sex-specific screenings, immunizations, and personalized health counseling to reduce the risk of acute and chronic medical issues.

It’s important to establish preventive care with a qualified medical provider even if you feel healthy. Regular visits to North Moore Family Practice can alert you to potential concerns and help you age gracefully.

What services does preventive care provide?

North Moore Family Practice offers a wide range of preventive care services, including:

Physical exams

A physical exam is a routine checkup that assesses your health, well-being, and general appearance. 

Your provider reviews your family history during a physical, asks about your lifestyle, and conducts an exam. They test your reflexes; check your heartbeat, respiratory rate, and blood pressure; order lab tests; and look at your skin, ears, eyes, nose, and throat.

Health-risk assessments

A health risk assessment analyzes various aspects of your lifestyle, including your diet, sleep hygiene, and exercise habits. Your North Moore Family Practice provider uses that information to determine your risk of certain medical issues and provides feedback about making healthier choices.


Immunizations teach your immune system to fight off harmful invaders, like viruses, bacteria, or fungi. By getting vaccinated, you can prevent the spread of contagious illnesses and reduce the risk of hospitalization or other serious side effects.

Sex-specific screening tests

Sex-specific screenings, like Pap tests and prostate exams, identify illnesses before they cause symptoms. After a review of your medical records and a discussion of your lifestyle, North Moore Family Practice can recommend screening tests that align with your needs.

Preventive health counseling

Preventive health counseling teaches you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It educates you on the importance of stress management, good sleep, eating well, and regular exercise. Whether you want to lose weight or reduce the risk of heart disease, North Moore Family Practice can help.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

If you drive a commercial vehicle, like a city bus or a semi-truck, you’re required to undergo a Department of Transportation physical every two years. North Moore Family Practice has DOT-certified providers on staff who can conduct the tests required by your employer.

Is preventive care covered by medical insurance?

Medical insurance covers many preventive care services, but every policy is different. If you have questions about what is or isn’t covered, contact your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment at North Moore Family Practice.

To establish preventive care at North Moore Family Practice, make an appointment by calling the office or booking online today.